Top 100 in Physics | Scientific Reports

Featuring authors from around the world, these papers highlight valuable research from an international community.
Top 100 in Physics | Scientific Reports

How the moon could capture terrestrial water based on a gravity model, how classical H-matrix searching methods could solve larger problems using available quantum computing resources, how an operational dilution refrigerator can be imaged using neutron radiography, how quantum imaging can be demonstrated with a photon number resolving CMOS camera, and that a graphene/Ta2O5/graphene phototransistor exhibits synapse characteristics when visible electromagnetic radiation illuminates the device.

These are the findings of some of the most downloaded articles* in Physics published in 2022 in Scientific Reports.

Top 100 in Physics

Congratulations to all authors who contributed to these highly valuable research papers!

*Data obtained from SN Insights, which is based on Digital Science's Dimensions.

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